Science and Arts come together in many walks of life. The archives are overflowing with references of rock or pop musicians that hold high education credentials such as, or

This trend is not new, it exists across cultures where some of the well known artists hold academic degrees and vice versa for various reasons. Infact, as a merger, music engineers or audio engineers as they are more popularly known is perfect for those seeking to ride both the worlds. 

Few years back, a friend’s son who aced his Computer Engineering Robotics degree at Queen’s University at Kingston, went on to work for Tesla, only to change course in a couple and pursue his second majors in music as his profession! Now coming from a culture where academia and art are the “twain that never meet”, he was different in that he pursued the two together and even more for dropping academia in favour of music! The best part, the words from his parents, “we support your decision” were music to his ears then, and continue as the years roll by. 

Exact opposite to the above is this story of a 35 year old musician turned physician! 

As this article here details the surprising information but logical reasoning for why medical students have a formal musical training in prep for medical school. There is enough research to prove and therefore ensure that most parents in our generation are using this platform to develop the much needed self discipline and practice skills that learning music fosters. I was convinced and hence clear on mission music school which now with the efforts of our management team has evolved into a well knit community of holistic learners, proving this very point by training for Music one day and Computer Science the next.

Learn with P.E.N. Music or another, but learn you must – the science of music, for there is no doubt in the fact that the two indeed feed each other well!

Back to the best piano classes in Oakville! Happy learning!