When I look back, I think of all the times when I was pushed to the corner, from when I was a sophomore to until this 2020 when we launched a fully decked in person teaching facility – P.E.N. As proud hosts we had just welcomed our first batch of students, when our school froze with lockdown. It took a while to understand the need to change but together as a team we adapted, as if overnight to suit the technological platform required to exist during Covid times, an achievement we all felt. Would this have been possible had we not exercised our resilience muscle overtime, or learnt that “hard work” is a gifted trait? Yes, a gift as Dr. Jim Taylor points out – https://www.drjimtaylor.com/4.0/gifted-vs-hard-working-children/.
Surprising as it sounds to hear and read about some articles that shed a good light, like this article from Parent – https://www.parents.com/kids/health/childrens-mental-health/silver-linings-positive-effects-of-the-covid-19-pandemic-on-children/, fact is, that most events that nudge you to change or challenge your status quo are viewed in a negative light, and not that I am debating the other side of the coin – which was heart wrenchingly disastrous to many beautiful souls and their families, the whole truth is that it changed the world in so many ways and some for the better. If you understand our thought process, that we as a community need to do better to enrich and empower the lives of the next generation – our kids – in ways that not only prepare them for the changing times but also to be the change themselves by viewing every event in a holistic manner and moving ahead by working strategically and hard to achieve their full potential, or of the passion they possess, look no further.

This spirit of holistic learning and balancing STEAM for all students who enrol with us – an alignment with the global and the local vision of the education board ensures students get exposed to all streams until they are ready to finally fly with their vision to specialize.

As a product of Canadian Education, I take immense pride in the fact I have my life’s purpose clear – maximizing mine and your child’s genius with every effort in our calibre.

Our team of educators come vetted not just from the best Canadian universities but also bespoke global schools. Each one ready and passionate to give their best and expect no less from their student.

I could not be more honoured to have students that demonstrate the gift of “hard work” in a consistent and disciplined manner, displaying capabilities far beyond their age. Like minded peers who value and perform shoulder to shoulder to win accolades for themselves and the school.

Finally, the vision for this school that I hold clear is a noble institution that is even more dear to its patrons, built on the pillars of integrity, inclusivity, innovation and a passionate drive to succeed under any circumstances. As an educationist, I am determined to ensure the personal success of students, faculty and our school alike.

I invite you to take a virtual tour of our facilities, the programs we offer and our achievements on this platform and look forward to welcoming you to join our growing body of committed learners.

Back to building the best after school program near you and in Oakville! Until the next! Have a good day!