Did you know that the musical & the movie were based on a true story?  Smithsonian Magazine details it here, https://www.smithsonianmag.com/smart-news/real-life-story-maria-von-trapp-180967182/#:~:text=Both%20the%20musical%20and%20the,of%20the%20Trapp%20Family%20Singers. I could watch it again and again, infact, its overdue!

But, I talk about the sound of music as a concept here. Why does a baby cry at birth, whimpers when calling for attention, gurgles while playing and squeals in happiness? Why is the baby not born with a certain language code? Why is there rhythm in all the basic human sounds?

Yes, rhythm. Be it, noise at times, pleasant sounds at most. As a mother, I know that we all experience the spectrum of noise to rhythm in our human creations, right from birth to when they leave the nest.

Point is music is fundamental to forming connections between the newborn and their humans. It is as important as the need to feed, need for hygiene and health, to survival, if I may exaggerate to make a point.

How then, for a need so basic and interconnected, do we not have music as an integral part of our learning? Just like we learn to speak, walk, eat, we need to learn music in its different avatars. Further, do we stop speaking, walking or eating any time before we breathe our last? I guess you know then, that stopping listening to music is, as per several credible studies, as cardinal as can be.

Music, as we are all aware, is the source of much pleasure and peace, whether we are looking for entertainment or some downtime, from the different genres of music to the healing Tibetan sounds, it’s all music. Not very difficult then for the studies to reveal that it is naturally a requirement for our mental, physical, psychological and spiritual growth from the moment we are born to the day we breathe our last. Harvard Health writes, https://www.health.harvard.edu/blog/why-is-music-good-for-the-brain-2020100721062. And yet, it eludes the itinerary of daily lives, the learning of it, that is.

It is important then, that we continue to purposely support, as we did by foraying into teaching music, to spread the message of Music as an essential element to the full and complete development of our personalities. Learn it you must, to enjoy it completely and whole-heartedly.

So, if you have not exposed yourself to the sanity and vanity of music, let’s make a pact to ensure that our children, our future generation, does not miss this important tool in their armour of well-being, now and always.

Back to building the best ensemble program near you! Until the next, happy listening.