Frequently Asked Questions:

How is the PEN Education Centre managing courses and student needs during the COVID-19 crisis?
Our doors may be locked but the learning continues. At the PEN Education Centre, safety is always first. We were well prepared for the crisis and locked our doors immediately upon instruction from the Province of Ontario.

We have been providing online classes and music lessons from day one of the crisis. In fact, our students have not experienced any disruption in classes. Our online classes utilize state of the art learning tools and extend our classroom directly to our students’ homes.

What tools does PEN use for online learning?
At PEN we actually extend the classroom by using interactive technologies that allow the students to engage as though they were in the class with the teacher. This includes group activities and assessments. In fact, our teachers receive immediate results from class assessments and quizzes to confirm each student is progressing. It is also a great way for mom and dad to know how their children are doing.
What are the qualifications of your teachers?

When it comes to our education programs, we put quality above quantity.

The PEN Education Centre only hires Ontario Certified Teachers (OCT) or industry experts for our academic courses. Our music faculty have a minimum of a BA in music. In fact, you may find that most of our teachers hold MA and PhD credentials in their fields.

At PEN, we strongly believe that your child must be taught by professional educators.

What does Enrich Empower Exchange mean?

All of the academic and music programs at PEN are designed to enrich every student’s education by empowering them to be self motivated and confident learners in a healthy environment.

PEN’s international program will develop academic exchange opportunities for our students, and for students abroad, that want to expand their global perspectives . This exciting program is at the heart of the PEN spirit.

Do you offer RCM Music exam preparation?
Yes indeed. All PEN Music students prepare for RCM examinations and we prepare the students for a university career in music
What instruments do you teach?
Piano, voice, flute, saxophone, clarinet and trumpet.
What academic courses do you offer?
PEN offers academic courses in English, French and math. There are several different courses available and the courses will change from time-to-time.

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