Frequently Asked Questions:

How does P.E.N. differ from tutoring centres?
P.E.N. International Education Centre was founded on three core pillars designed to provide students with an experiential after-school structure to enhance their studies. The three pillars are Academics, Arts & Music, and After School programs.

Our teachers are all qualified professionals many of whom have teaching experience at a post-secondary college or university level. Throughout the year we offer complimentary classes, free community workshops, and guest speaker events students and parents can enjoy.

How can parents get involved, support or engage with their children’s learning?
It is important that parents actively participate with the children in their learning. P.E.N provides lesson summaries and weekly assignments immediately following classes which incorporate grade book style reporting to parents and regular assessments to measure student success.

Additional sessions are available for students who need a little extra attention–at no additional charge. To keep learning fun, PEN offers parent/child programs so parents can participate with the child. Seeing real progress builds confidence in the student and trust with the parents.

How do I decide what to sign my child up for?
At P.E.N. we evaluate each student’s specific strengths and weaknesses. We work with parents to develop a program that will provide support in areas the child requires additional help and programs that the child enjoys and already excels at. Our Enrollment Specialist will assist families in selecting the right programs for their student’s aptitudes and interests.
What is the intake process?
Getting started at P.E.N. is easy!

After a tour and initial conversation, our Enrollment Specialist will gather all necessary information and provide suggestions on a curriculum that works with the student’s needs and the family’s availability. Assessments with a faculty member are available if required.

Upon course selection, you will receive a welcome package and schedule.

How is my child’s progress measured?
P.E.N. provides lesson summaries and weekly assignments immediately following the class, gradebook style reporting to parents, regular assessments to measure student success and extra help sessions for students who need a little extra attention at no additional charge.
What technology, equipment or software is required for at-home or online learning?
Online learning requires minimal equipment to participate. Access to a laptop, computer or Chromebook is required so students can open multiple applications as required. A Gmail account is highly recommended so that you can receive emails and reminders.
What certifications can P.E.N. help my child achieve?
We currently offer support for students pursuing certification from the Royal Conservatory of Music.
My child is introverted, how can P.E.N. help?
P.E.N. provides a healthy academy-style learning environment for all students to make friends and build confidence. At P.E.N., we encourage students to talk about their work, constructively review other’s work and participate in social events.
Are there formal parent/teacher Interviews?
We do not currently conduct formal parent/teacher interviews. However, we provide feedback to all students after every class and engage parents as much as possible. If faculty, parents or students feel there is a need to meet or discuss something in more detail, we will schedule a meeting.
What happens if I am not able to pick-up my child on time?
Our students are always welcome to wait in our supervised designated waiting area to read quietly while waiting for pick up. We discourage the playing of video games at P.E.N. while students wait for classes or pickup.

If there is a class running that may be of interest to the student, we welcome and encourage them to join the class while they wait to foster friendships, interests and connections within the P.E.N. community.

What is the student-to-teacher ratio?
The average class size is 6.

Classes rarely exceed 10

What are the qualifications of your teachers?
The P.E.N. Education Centre only hires Ontario Certified Teachers (or equivalent) and industry experts for our academic courses. Our music faculty have a minimum of a BA in music. Most of our teachers hold MA or Ph.D. credentials in their fields.

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