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Terms and Conditions

Canadian Composer Showcase

Vienna 2023/2024

The Process

Pre-Screening:  Please fill in this Google Form with your intent to submit.

Please email  if you require additional information.

We will forward all instructions and a link to a Google Shared Drive for upload of the required documents:

  • Biography
  • Name and description of composition (if available)
  • Signed, Permission to Perform release form
  • PDF versions of score and parts
  • MIDI rendition or live recording (if available)
  • Original Sibelius, Finale or MUSICXML file
  • Any additional composer notes that will assist us in reviewing your composition

Selection Guidelines

  1. Composers must meet the eligibility of the program
  2. Music must meet the guidelines outlined in this document
  3. All music will be treated equally
  4. Focus will be on preparation time and fit within the programming of the concert.
  5. Score note selected for this season will automatically be considered for next season

Composition Guidelines

This music will be performed by young musicians, ages ranging from 10-15yrs.  Please study the performance proficiency guidelines carefully and adhere to the guidelines.

  • Submit up to 3 compositions
  • Multi-movement compositions are welcome
    • Multi-movement pieces are considered 1 submission
  • New compositions or existing compositions rescored for our ensembles
  • Style:  classical academic music (no pop, jazz, film score styles)
  • Tonal
  • Maximum length: 4 minutes
  • Tempo:  Max ¼ note at 120 bpm with no more than 8 1/16th notes in a row
  • Time Signatures: Simple or Compound (no hybrid meter)
  • Composers may compose any combination of the instruments listed below.  Please note, the chamber orchestra has a specific orchestration requirement.

Duets to Quintets

For duets, trios, quartets and quintets, composers may write for any combination of the following instruments.

  • Flute I, II, III
  • Bb Clarinet  I, II
  • Eb Alto Saxophone  I, II
  • Bb Tenor Saxophone I
  • Piano (1 piano 4 hands is an option)
  • Guitar I, II, III, IV (classical)
  • Violin I, II
  • Cello I, II
  • Voice with accompaniment (piano or guitar) or with small ensemble

Chamber Orchestra Instrumentation

  • Violin I, II
  • Cello I, II
  • Bb Clarinet I, II
  • Flute I, II, II
  • Piano

Performance Proficiency Guidelines

  • Violin:  RCM level 5
    • Range: No higher than B6
    • Reasonable double stops (3rds, 6ths, octaves, no 5ths or 4ths, unless it is open strings.
  • Cello – RCM level 3
      • No double stops. No Thumb. No higher than A4
      • No tenor clef
      • Double stops of 2 open strings or if 1 of the notes is an open string.
  • Flutes:  RCM 4 up to F6
  • Bb Clarinets:  RCM 3 up to C6 (concert)
  • Eb Alto and Bb Tenor Saxophones: RCM 4  – no altissimo
  • Guitar: RCM 4 (no alternate tunings)Piano – RCM level 7
  •  Voice:
    • Soprano (highest note G5)
    • Alto (highest note D5)
    • English, French, German, Italian, Indigenous and Latin are welcome languages for any vocal pieces.

PEN Education Centre will keep all scores submitted in the PEN library for possible use in future years.  Composers will be notified if his/her work is selected if their work is selected in future years..

Terms and conditions

By participating in the PEN Canadian Student Composer Program, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. To provide PEN Education Centre with all necessary supporting information and documentation on or before the deadlines of the program.
  2. Provide PEN with a five (5) year license term at no cost to perform the submitted compositions
  3. PEN will provide you with advance notice of any performances of your compositions.  You will make every effort to attend any and all performances of your work.
  4. You agree to grant The Professional Education Network International, and all its affiliates, which include the PEN Education Centre the right to promote your name, compositions and use your likeness to promote the program in perpetuity.
  5. You agree to actively and positively promote the PEN Education Centre, the program and your involvement in the program, in your social media channels following the PEN guidelines
    • All posts must include the following hashtags: #PENEducationCentreOakville; #PenComposerShowcase; #CanadianComposers; #MusicEducation
  6. You agree to actively and positively promote the PEN Education Centre, the program and your involvement in the program, in your social media channels, and by participating in interviews and events that support the program, at no cost to the program.
  7. You agree to collaborate with PEN music faculty for edits to the music submitted to ensure the students are able to perform at their very best.

About the Professional Education Network International Inc.. (PEN International)

PEN International is a group of companies focused on arts education through the PEN Education Centre and the P.E.N. Academy, a private high school in Oakville ON, Canada. PEN’s international reach brings students to Canada for high quality arts education in music, visual art, digital art, animation and computer science.  PEN students travel globally for art culture exchanges as part of the PEN education model.

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