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May 19, 2023

PEN wins big at Music Fest Canada 2023

Groove Masters’ grit and dedication is exemplary. Congratulations for winning Gold Award for your performance at MusicFest Canada on May 19 2023, Niagara Falls.

Our Junior Ensemble is a force to be reckoned with. So proud of you for winning Gold for your performance at MusicFest Canada. May 19 2023, Niagara Falls.

Girl Power’s truly powerful performance won them a Silver at MusicFest Canada. Congratulations! May 19, 2023, Niagara Falls.

Our Classical Ensemble is unparalleled in their attitude of hard work and possess a streak of genius. Congratulations team, your performance was great. A Silver for them at the MusicFest Canada 2023, held on May 19 at Niagara Falls.

March 23, 2023-

Yet another feather in our cap!

Golden Horseshoe Music Festival Hamilton, a near two-decade old institution, holds an annual 100+ local bands community-based concert, towards competitive performance.

We are proud to have won in 4 categories this year, a Gold in Classical Ensemble; Gold in Groove Masters Contemporary Ensemble; Silver for Girl Power Contemporary Ensemble and Silver Junior Force Contemporary Ensemble. All groups.

We would like to thank the students for these performances and for the immense hard work they put towards this event, the results spoke.

Thank you to our Founder Becky Zhang and Principal Joseph Amato for leading the group through with vision and dedication. The Leadership duo are gifted to have chosen their passion for their profession and that makes our tutorship par excellence.

Felicitations to the parents for their trust in our team and their patronage of our brand, together with your genius, and our efforts, we will make this happen again!

When it comes to meritocracy, look no further.

We are humbled and honored to have been “invited” to the MusicFest Nationals on the back of our “Gold” and “Silver” awards at the Golden Horseshoe Music Festival.  We will be performing across the 4 categories of Classical Ensemble on the one hand and Contemporary Ensembles of Groove Masters; Girl Power and Junior Force on the other.

An “invitation only” event, being held at Niagara Falls this year, MusicFest is the single most important music education festival in the country, and we look forward to more awards and of course some truly rewarding and well-deserved scholarships. Your genius, our efforts! Let us make this happen!

Felicitations to the students and the parents alike and kudos to the Leadership team. #peneducationcentre #goldenhorseshoemusicfestival

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